DIY Home: Tools of the Trade

Home owner or renter, woman or man, there are a few tools every home should have.  Want to decorate your home with art work, hang a mirror, install a floating shelf ?

You'll save money and time in the long run by doing it yourself-the right way. I've compiled a short list of the basic tools, that I use the most in my home. Tools can vary in price, depending on quality, but most of the items here are relatively inexpensive. The Black & Decker cordless drill actually was the most costly at around $60.

1. Picture Hangers-"Ooks" Professional Picture Hangers are my faves, but any brand will do. In desperate times a good old nail may do the trick!

2. Power Drill- Elbow grease optional. Great for tightening and loosening screws with ease! I bought a cordless style drill because it was smaller and easier to store. Since I'm not tethered to the wall I can do projects anywhere in my home.
3. Drill Bits-mostly for drilling holes into surfaces; This is a "must-have" item for any "Home DIY-er."

 Not So Common Knowledge: Drills and bits are sold separately. You'll need to purchase both in order to work on projects with varying surfaces.

4. Hammer

5. Stud Finder- I haven't had to use this much since my building is older and my walls are plaster but other DIYers advise on using one when mounting heavy items to the wall. It helps you locate the "studs, " or weight bearing beams in the wall.
6. Measuring Tape

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