It's a Love Story! (Kinda.)

This post is not a review, fashion post or décor idea. It’s more about life, love (or potential love), and opportunity. WLLC is a “lifestyle blog” and if you live long enough you learn that there is not  much more important or more powerful than love in all of it’s forms. It’s why we’re here and what we all need, in it’s truest forms, and yet it eludes so many of us.

On my way to the train last week I noticed a sign posted on the front door of my apartment building. It read “Girl Missing.” So of course, I immediately think “Oh my gosh! There’s a kidnapper on the loose, in my neighborhood.” After reading further I discovered I was way of course.

Apparently, this guy, I’ll call him “Train Guy” had met and had an amazing, albeit brief, conversation with a young lady while on the ride back to Jersey from NYC. “Train Guy” was very taken by this woman and enjoyed their conversation immensely; however, he lacked the courage to express his interest or ask for her contact information during the ride. Consequently, all he had was her first name, which he did not mention for her privacy, and the memory. So, in an effort to re-connect with the unforgettable “Girl Missing” from the train “Train Guy” prints up flyers and posts them through out the area, hoping that “Girl Missing” might read it, have pity on him for being “a coward” (his words, not mine) and email him.

I’m a sucker for love, romance and “the mushy stuff,” while “Train Guy’s” efforts are certainly a bit strange and perhaps a little on the “crazy” side, what a remarkably, thoughtful gesture! I found myself wondering if guys like this really exists and if “Girl Missing” would think this was a show of sweepingly insane behavior or if she would be flattered, and intrigued by the romance in the effort. I lean more towards the later, what about you?

Needless to say, I’ll never know how things worked out or if a match was made, but I  took a life lessons from this tale of missed opportunity:

  1. Opportunity rarely knocks twice. Practice being brave daily so that you’ll always be ready when it comes.
  2. Chivalry may be dead and romance might be on vacation but there are still men out there who are looking for that special someone and are willing to go to great lengths to make a connection when they think they’ve found her.
  3. Fate and serendipitous encounters can only do but so much. (See #1)

So tell me, if you had been on the receiving end of “Train Guys” search what would you have done? Is this romantic or is it really just  downright, “crazy?”

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Naeemah said...

I think this is so romantic! :-) I luv people who get adventurous and creative in the way they go about luv!