Major Coin-DIY Penny Tiled Table from Apartment Therapy!

This is why I <3 Apartmenttherapy.com! So many great DIY ideas gathered in one easy to use blog location!

I've got a few jars of pennies that I can put to good use on a project like this!



To "Eataly" And Back

Last week Naeemah and  I went to the grand opening of Eataly in Union Square. Mario Batali & company's uber fresh, quintessential, Italian market. It's actually" the largest Italian  food and wine market place in the world," according to Mariobatali.com  Located on 23rd St. and 5th Ave, the buzz about the opening of this place has been crazy in the food community for months. Eataly is how you eat, drink and shop Italian. When in the market  for Italian fare whether it's  Espresso or fresh, dried pasta they've got it. The market/eatery boasts 6 eat in restaurants and individual take-out counters through out for sweet treats like Gelato, and savory selections like Focaccia.


A Sacred Space

I've been learning about the individual need for a special place, whether virtual, in the mind, or physical, where they feel safe, comfortable, and can be themselves. The word "sacred" is not necessarily indicative of a particular religious belief or following. It does mean that the space is of significance, is respected and important to those who deem it sacred and treat it as such. It’s a space or place that unifies your mind body and soul and renews your energy which is why it’s good to set not only be familiar with a place like this for yourself but to visit it often. Life is filled with constant stress and strain. We constantly grown and change and morph as we discover and fulfill our individual and collective purposes. Making a connection with your self and whatever higher power or energy you acknowledge in your life on a daily basis is not only powerful but strengthening.

Some examples might be a place in your home, a park or beach, a church, a place your mind goes during meditation, or even a yoga studio.

There’s a park near my home that I call “sacred.” It is located in the middle of a bustling city but upon entering all of the stress and craziness of the outside world melts away. I go here from time to time to clear my head and commune with nature and to feel Love. I would also have to say that my parent’s house in southwest Jersey offers me a similar retreat. It’s located in what I call “farm country.” The town they live in is off the beaten path, the nearest supermarket is about 25 minutes away, and when I’m in that space, not just the physical house but the town and the area, I feel at peace and more myself.

Oddly enough this lesson is being reinforced in a Sacred Geometry class I'm taking. We are reading an incredible book about the relationship between numbers and the arts and nature and ancient philosophy. It’s really an incredible course. So I thought I'd pose the question: Where is your sacred space? What is so special about it? How does time in this place change how you view the world and yourself?


Bag In Time: Lady Bags for Fall 2010

Vintage inspired purses conjure up images of classic icons like Jacqueline Kennedy and Princess Diana or the upper crust "ladies who lunch" from the 20's and 30's.

Classic and polished, textured and patent finishes, hard-cased and soft quilting,  these handbags add a touch of expensive, sophistication to a look. These sweet, ladylike styles will be all the rage this Fall.

Check out the style round up below:


Clutter-Free Saturday-September 25, 2010

September 25th is Give Your Stuff Away Day (formally known as Curb Day)! In the spirit of reducing waste that ends up in landfills, Americans will be participating in this grass roots initiative, that basically urges people to "give away" rather than "throw away." The idea is simple. Unwanted, but valuable goods will be gathered and left, in designated locations for interested parties to take-for free! and you know what they say about trash and treasure. Some of my favorite most treasured home decor pieces have come to me second hand. You know what they say about trash and treasure!

For more details log onto www.giveyourstuffaway.com

It's a Love Story! (Kinda.)

This post is not a review, fashion post or d├ęcor idea. It’s more about life, love (or potential love), and opportunity. WLLC is a “lifestyle blog” and if you live long enough you learn that there is not  much more important or more powerful than love in all of it’s forms. It’s why we’re here and what we all need, in it’s truest forms, and yet it eludes so many of us.

On my way to the train last week I noticed a sign posted on the front door of my apartment building. It read “Girl Missing.” So of course, I immediately think “Oh my gosh! There’s a kidnapper on the loose, in my neighborhood.” After reading further I discovered I was way of course.

Apparently, this guy, I’ll call him “Train Guy” had met and had an amazing, albeit brief, conversation with a young lady while on the ride back to Jersey from NYC. “Train Guy” was very taken by this woman and enjoyed their conversation immensely; however, he lacked the courage to express his interest or ask for her contact information during the ride. Consequently, all he had was her first name, which he did not mention for her privacy, and the memory. So, in an effort to re-connect with the unforgettable “Girl Missing” from the train “Train Guy” prints up flyers and posts them through out the area, hoping that “Girl Missing” might read it, have pity on him for being “a coward” (his words, not mine) and email him.

I’m a sucker for love, romance and “the mushy stuff,” while “Train Guy’s” efforts are certainly a bit strange and perhaps a little on the “crazy” side, what a remarkably, thoughtful gesture! I found myself wondering if guys like this really exists and if “Girl Missing” would think this was a show of sweepingly insane behavior or if she would be flattered, and intrigued by the romance in the effort. I lean more towards the later, what about you?

Needless to say, I’ll never know how things worked out or if a match was made, but I  took a life lessons from this tale of missed opportunity:

  1. Opportunity rarely knocks twice. Practice being brave daily so that you’ll always be ready when it comes.
  2. Chivalry may be dead and romance might be on vacation but there are still men out there who are looking for that special someone and are willing to go to great lengths to make a connection when they think they’ve found her.
  3. Fate and serendipitous encounters can only do but so much. (See #1)

So tell me, if you had been on the receiving end of “Train Guys” search what would you have done? Is this romantic or is it really just  downright, “crazy?”


Review: Avalon Organics Awapuhi Mango Moisturizing Shampoo

Last weekend I switched up my shampoo and purchased Avalon Organics brand Awapuhi Mango Moisturizing Shampoo from Ricki's in NYC, one of my favorite beauty supply haunts.

*Sidebar* My hair is naturally curly so I only shampoo, with a sulfate-free product, twice each month. Other than that I co-wash or wash with a conditioner only, every 3 days. If you are natural or follow other blogs or sites dedicated to women of color with naturally curly hair you are probably familiar with these terms and processes.

The shampoo I used previously, the name escapes me-I'll explain shortly, was making my hair very dry, and tangled despite numerous changes in conditioners. I was drawn to this product  because it claims to be a "moisturizing" shampoo. I didn't know there was such a thing.

According to the website awapuhi, a type of ginger plant, softens and shines and mango promotes moisture and cell rejuvenation. It maximizes softness, and manageability

Other Key Ingredients:
Aloe, Ylang Ylang, and essential Orange oils

Price: $9.99 at Ricki's NYC | $8.95 on the brand's website

Size: 14 FL oz

Fragrance: Sweet, fruity, tropical scent

Other Features: 100% vegetarian, paraben-free, synthetic fragrance-free, Sulfate-free, PH balanced

My Experience:
I shampooed one side of my head with the Avalon brand and the other side with my old shampoo and noticed immediately that the Avalon Organics made my hair feel softer. Shampoo tends to be very harsh on my hair making it very dry and tangled but this product almost felt like a conditioner in that my hair still felt soft as I rinsed. I usually de-tangle my hair before washing so once I added conditioner-Jason's Aloe Vera Conditioner,and rinsed with a final cool rinse,  it was relatively easy to comb-through and style.

As a product junkie I've used a LOT of shampoos but never had these type of results, I was so happy with the results that I immediately discarded my old brand of shampoo, which is why I can't recall the brand, I will definitely be keeping this shampoo as part of my monthly routine. I plan to try some of the other shampoos offered by Avalon like Peppermint or Olive & Grape Seed. I'd also like to see how the conditioner performs since my experience with the shampoo was so positive. I'll keep you posted!

For more information log on: www.avalonorganics.com

Shop: Bauble

I picked up a little gift for my self while in Vegas last month. It finally arrived today! I love the feeling of getting packages delivered. Of course I know what I'm getting. There's no surprise there, but I always feel like a little kid tearing into a birthday gift when it arrives. Wondering if it'll fit? Did I get the right size and color? Will it be as fabulous in person as it looked on my computer screen??

The thrill of "the wait" has got to be one of the biggest benefits of shopping online. Instant gratification aside, the rush of waiting on bought and paid for goods to arrived "signed, sealed, delivered" to your front door ranks right up there with first kiss butterflies in my book, but maybe that's just me.

Michelle Monroe Cocktail Ring


Fashion's Night Out (FNO)

Here are pics from Friday's Fashion's Night Out Event here in NYC. This is the 2nd year of the international event and I have to believe this year's turn out was 3 times as strong as that of last year. The streets were packed with shoppers hoping to catch a glimpse of designers or celebrities and participate in the games, promotions and giveaways offered by the hundreds of participating stores.

My stops included Bergdorff Goodman, Henri Bendel, Saks 5th Avenue,  and Juicy Couture.

I met this woman at the make-up counters in Bergdorff's. I liked her look...

My shopping companions strike a pose!

Stylist Crystal Streets-head to toe fab! Look out for her show House of Glam on the Oxygen Channel...

Thierry Mugler bustier worn by Beyonce on the cover of  "Sacha Fierce" album on display at Saks...

My girl "Zay"...

NYC Fashion Week: "Project Runway" Finale Runway Show

Last week I was fortunate enough to score tickets to the taping of the Finale Show for one of "Project Runway," which took place last Wednesday during Mercedes Benz- New York Fashion Week.  As a fashion enthusiast I've been a fan for some time, though I have to admit I took a break during the lackluster "Bravo v.Lifetime/ 'We'll give L.A. a try'" season, but I digress.

The PR Spring/Summer 2010 show, along with many others took place at the prestigious, Lincoln Center, the much debated new home of Fashion Week. For those not familiar with the Lincoln Center complex, it's actually considered a "campus" with numerous buildings, including the Julliard School, conveniently located on 16.3 acres on the west side of NYC.

Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, and Nina Garcia were in attendance as judges with special guest judge Jessica Simpson. The show was incredible! Collections from the remaining 10 contestants on the show were presented in order to prevent spoilers of the actual network finale show which will announce the actual winner.

This is the Lobby area featuring lounges for Fashion Week sponsors.

Kim Crawford sponsored hand massage lounge.

Myself and friend Chimere who also attended the show.

Here's a taste of the looks seen that came down the runway (courtesy of The Cut at NY Magazine):

Andy: Inspired by a dream...

April: Inspired by dusty dolls at a tea party, then washed away...

Michael C.: Inspired by his friend...

Michael D.

Mondo: Dedicated to his spiritual advisor, his Grandmother...

Valerie: Rainbow Brite meets David Bowie

Casanova: Inspired by his Grandmother...

Christopher: Inspired by Roots, grace & romance...

Gretchen: Inspired by self discovery...

Ivy: Inspired by her home islands of Hawaii...

So who do you think will end up in the "Top 3"? Any guesses on who might be this season's winner?? My top 3 include Valerie, Gretchen and Mondo, but I'll definitely be tuning in during the coming weeks to see who makes the cut.