5 Travel Tips You Need to Know

Now that the Summer season is in full swing, and by some accounts nearly over (hey, when you work in fashion/retail/design you're always at least 6 months ahead), I would like to share a few things I learned last weekend after a rather "adventure-filled" weekend trip to Indianapolis which included delayed flights. lost luggage, and comp nights in funky airport hotels.

1.Be Nice to Everyone: 
You'd be surprised the lengths that people will go to to help you out in a situation even if it is your fault that you arrived 40 minutes before your take off time and nearly miss your flight. Don't judge-anyone from the check-in agent to the TSA security guy could be the very person that can keep your dream getaway from turning into a hellish disaster.

2.Carry Socks In Your Carry On:
The airport floor is VERY dirty. I will leave the rest to your imagination.

3. Less Is More:
While I never understood those who opt to show up at the airport looking as if they've just rolled out of bed, I have come to accept that going hard core with heavy hard ware in the form of costume jewelry and belts will only slow you down for the security check. Pack these items in your carry on and glam up before you touch down!

4. Pack Light:
The best way to avoid issues with your luggage taking it's own summer getaway is to take it with you. Sure, it costs a few bucks more but if you arrive in "Sunny Insert Location Here" and your bathing suit and clean clothes are still "in transit" $25 will seem like a drop in the bucket!

5. Never Underestimate The Importance of a Healthy Immune System: Maybe it's the pressure of the cabin, or the fact that planes are the nearly equivalent to a flying subway car and "cleaned" about as well, or the combination of both, but whatever the reason germs and flights seem to go hand in hand. Have you ever gotten a scratchy throat or cold after a flight? Yep, that's them! Before flying boost up; strengthen your immune system with vitamins, minerals or Airborne.