WANT: Rihanna's Striped Blazer

I tried to avoid it. I didn’t want to like it, but after about the 50th time hearing Rihanna’s latest hit “What’s My Name,” Featuring Drake I was hooked. ( I know, I know. I'm super late, right?) I mean seriously obsessed. It's number 1 on the  'On the Go' playlist in my Ipod and must listen to it at least 5 times a day! What’s more, I  even loaded up the video on Youtube a few weeks ago. (Of course, I HAD to see it. I sensed that with the heavy Caribbean vibe in the music there was bound to be some fab wardrobing in the video!)

The video is cute. Rihanna rocks. More importantly I am living for that striped blazer, right now! As soon as I saw it I envisioned mixing and matching it with tanks, and denim, cute shorts. It’s such a strong statement piece. Now I don’t know if this new interest is a reflection of my own Caribbean roots or a manifestation of my love of stripes! It’s probably a bit of both!

Check out the Polyvore set below for information on brands, prices, and shopping locations so you that you might find a Striped Blazer of your very own.



Happy 2011! I'm back. The New Year has ushered in a new exciting energy that I'm really excited about.  The New Year tends to be the time when folks reflect on the past, and make decisions to change for the future. I've found that it's also a time of renewal, if only figuratively speaking.
While I'm still working on the transfer of the blog to Word Press, it turns out that this is a bigger undertaking than I initially thought, there are some really exciting things I am looking forward to sharing with you in the coming months. So, prepare to be inspired. Whatlookslikecrazy.com has your Daily Dose of Inspiration for 2011!!

Check out Part 1 of the first Behind the Brand of 2011. I hung out with Jodie and Kiara of Georgia NY in their Soho store before the holidays. This was probably one of the most exciting and enjoyable interviews I've had the pleasure of conducting. These women are phenomenal! We chatted about products, store design, and how family and life experience inspires every detail of their business. 

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