Good Hair Day-New All Natural Concoction

Here is a shot from yesterday's twist out. My hair is beginning to take moisture better. It looks like there might still be signs of life somewhere in spite of all the roller sets, and Chi Flatiron/blow outs I've been subjecting my delicate locks to over the last 2 years.

Last night, I created a Honey & Olive Oil treatment that I left in for about 2 hours after doing my normal co-wash. This got a little messy so I wrapped my hair up in a towel which helped heat the treatment and better saturate my hair. After rinsing thoroughly I decided to try an Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinse to see if I could smooth out strands and close up the cuticles to lock in moisture. [A tip from  blogger : www.themoptopmaven.com and www.curlynikki.com] I was really skeptical about the ACV rinse and wasn't sure what it would do more than give of a pungent odor. I was pleasantly surprised to find that after the rinse my strands were noticeably more flexible, and bouncy. Dry, brittle ends-gone! For the twist out I didn't even need to add a curl butter or oil because my hair was still so nourished from the Olive Oil & Honey treatment! I then applied a bit of setting lotion to each section and wrapped with Flexirods.

My hair loves the Honey/Olive Oil mix and the ACV rinse worked really well. I will be adding these elements to my weekly hair regimen in the future.

The Best Desk Quest

I've been searching for a desk for the "would be" office area currently known as, the corner of my living room. What I have now is a horrible "mish-mosh" of pieces. The main one being birch wood IKEA desk I got by default when my boyfriend moved in. Check it out it's pretty bad. This is what I have now:

This is what I want but lack the budget for:

These two I think I could recreate on DIY budget if I got my own glass and did some searching for cool trestles for the base. I've been leaning towards this since it's budget friendly, DIY, and customizable:



Today I decided to check out Walmart.com, and found a sweet deal on a really, nice desk. It's produced by Mainstays, has a tempered glass top so it has a lightweight, "Z Gallerie" feel which is nice balance if you tend to have dark woods in your space. It's compact, for small spaces, with a sleek modern look and it's affordable at $49.00!  I can't speak for the quality but for price and aesthetics, this one is a winner!


Travel: Small Town, USA

Road Trip! I’m headed to Onley, Virginia for a family reunion. Exciting right? I hope so. Though I’ve never heard of nor seen this town on a map. I’m looking forward to meeting family, some fun in the sun, and some southern fried delicacies!

So far, I’ve learned that Onley is a town located in Accomack County, on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. The populations is less than 500, not that’s a small town! There are beautiful beaches located just north of the Onley featuring waterfront restaurants known for the fresh seafood. That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll give you the true scoop after my visit.

In the meantime, I've got to shop, pack, clean, and prep for the 2 day extravaganza!

Onley, Virginia


Get Grumpy

As co-owner of boutique event planning company, sans office space, my friend/partner and I are always on the look out for cool places to go that offer a semi-quiet atmosphere, and tasty, budget-friendly eats. A venue whose management doesn't mind when 40 minute drinks and appetizers, turn into a 3 hour "update" meeting, is surprisingly hard to find in a city known for it's multitude of restaurants and coffee shops.

For this week's  Brainstorm session we went to Cafe Grumpy. Don't let the name deceive you. This cozy coffee shop, located in the heart of Chelsea has a friendly, knowledgeable staff, and a warm welcoming atmosphere.  It's a great place for conversation, and people watching. There are only about 5 tables so it doesn't get very crowded. Speaking of crowded, you won't find people hanging out for half the day glued to their laptops at this cafe since laptops are not allowed at Cafe Grumpy.

It's not all about the coffee at Grumpy's. Tea enthusiast are welcome! I had a refreshing Lemon Ginger Tea, fresh brewed by order, on the rocks, and sweetened with a little corn syrup. Did you know that Ginger is great for treating colds, migraines, and inflammation? I digress.

Sweets are delivered daily from The Chocolate Room in Brooklyn. My partner swooned when she heard this and I have to admit the brownies were good. We had 3 between the 2 of us!
With locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, the only thing Grumpy about Cafe Grumpy maybe the customers who arrive without their daily dose of Joe! So if you're in need of a cup of joe or a spot of tea, or maybe just a quiet place for a chat, check out Cafe Grumpy.

For Locations and Contact Info:


Make It Happen

This weekend I found myself watching one of  my favorite vintage movies. Working Girl is the story of Tess an entry-level secretary trying to work her way up the corporate ladder and bust through the glass ceiling. 
So I got to thinking that this 80's classic has a message that still rings true.


Here's the gist of Tess's situation:
  • Finds out her female boss who buddies up to her on the premise of a sisterhood and women and helping women steals her ideas for a client merger project
  • Finds out her Loser boyfriend is cheating on her
  • Decides to make her own success when her boss takes ill after a skiing accident.

Here are a few tips from the movie that I plan to apply:

1.Decide what you want.  Work your plan.
2. Start somewhere. You may not be the CEO but you can make solid contributions to an organizations from other levels too.
3. Find a mentor and network. "Today's junior tool might be tomorrow's CEO." (Preferably one who is not intimidated by you and waiting pull the rug out from under you.)
4. Be flexible enough to roll with the punches. Don't let the fears of others determine how you proceed. Sure the situation might be tough, even near unbearable, but your reacton is all you can control.
5. Stay positive and Stay focused.
6. Work your plan.