Hard Grove Cafe- Jersey City, NJ

Breakfast Tostada: scrambled eggs, avocado, black beans w/ Veggie Steak and Red potatoes

I had brunch Jersey City's popular Hard Grove Cafe last weekend for the first time. I always thought they specialized in heavy Mexican food which I wasn't too excited about. My friend, who has lived in Jersey City for a while, informed me that the Hard Grove served some of the best Cuban food in the area.

Cuban Skillet: Scrambled eggs w/ red potatoes, veggie sausage, peppers and cilantro sauce

The breakfast was tasty! They serve "veggie" steak and sausage as an option. Health smoothies with and without alcohol were available. They have outdoor seating in the summer time and a full bar. The restaurant's decor has a cuban flair and might easily fit in among restaurants on Miami's famed Collins Avenue. Without a beverage meals are priced at $10-$12 a plate.

I tend to feel that Dinner and even Brunch are the meals that can define a restaurant.  I'm looking forward to sampling the dinner menu next time!

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