To "Eataly" And Back

Last week Naeemah and  I went to the grand opening of Eataly in Union Square. Mario Batali & company's uber fresh, quintessential, Italian market. It's actually" the largest Italian  food and wine market place in the world," according to Mariobatali.com  Located on 23rd St. and 5th Ave, the buzz about the opening of this place has been crazy in the food community for months. Eataly is how you eat, drink and shop Italian. When in the market  for Italian fare whether it's  Espresso or fresh, dried pasta they've got it. The market/eatery boasts 6 eat in restaurants and individual take-out counters through out for sweet treats like Gelato, and savory selections like Focaccia.

You know my motto is "What looks like crazy might just be inspiration in disguise!" So, despite appearing to be a food-crazed, stalker, tourist, I managed to get a few pics to post. No risk, no reward, right? Take a gander...

La Piazza-one of the many restaurants. It's a  bar for consumption of wine, cheese, beer, and seafood.

This is the "deli" section for sliced meats and cheeses. I couldn't fit all the cheese in one frame!

Crudo station  at La Piazza.

Tiramisu is one of my favorite desserts and they had 2 types-Original and Caramel Walnut. I couldn't resist!

Not your average supermarket. Their seafood section offers gourmet delicacies like Sea Urchin.

Me and my Tiramisu! I was trying a Pompadour hair style last week. It was so easy to do. I like it as a "go to" look when I'm on the 4th day of a Twist-out or for a funky, edgy look.

My "Supa-friend" Naeemah trying to decipher the ingredients so she can re-mix the recipe at home!

200 5th Avenue

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Naeemah Leonard said...

:-D I absolutely loved this place! And you know me so well. I am determined to make a vegan Tiramisu with inspirations from that delicious dessert.