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Creative Shoe Storage from Apartment Therapy

We're always on the look out for creative ways to add storage. If you live in an older building you are probably have stories about your own experience with closet storage conundrums. Blame it on economic and social conditions and the absence of modern day consumerism but apparently people back in the day owned less clothes. Given the the current economic client purchasing less, but buying better quality may not be a bad idea, but back to the subject at hand. You've got a lot of shoes, and a really small closet.

Check out this Post from Apartment Therapy for a crafty way to store and display your priceless collection!


BEHIND THE BRAND with Designer Zack Lo of Zack Lo Footwear

Whatlookslikecrazy.com goes BEHIND THE BRAND with designer, Zack Lo of the eponymous shoe line Zack Lo! We talk inspiration, business, and why shoes make a women swoon. This is a "must-read" profile for those who are crazy about shoes!
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CREATE: If These Walls Could Talk

Wall paper. It's unique, vintage, contemporary, elegant, dramatic, whimsical, and I love it! It's one of my favorite decor elements!

Check out these styles from FlavorPaper.com:

Wall paper has come a long way since busy, bland and boring, fruit and flower patterns. There are even removable options for renters or people like myself, who are not ready to commit or are unwilling to succumb to the time consuming process of installation and removal of said "pretty papers."

I've been on the hunt for removal wall paper for my living room, which is in desperate need of  a boost. I came across Tempaper.com during my last cyber-stalking, I mean cyber-shopping session. They have colorful, retro prints and patterns that, according to the website, won't ruin your walls or paint. The prices weren't too bad either, and that's very important because wall paper can get pricey. I've seen rolls with prices $200, and unless you live in a shoe box or maybe a New York City studio, 1 roll won't get you too far.

I requested samples from Tempaper.com last Friday and received my packet today. I was hoping to get a variety of their patterns and colors because I wanted to see them all in person and on my wall, unbeknownst to me they only send you 1 sample per $4 order. So I'll have to work on sampling the other patterns later.

Sherwin Williams also offers temporary options. They have a variety of amazing patterns that I love but I've heard some buzz on blogs that makes me the "take down" may not be as "effortless" as the website claims. Take a look at the Easy Change collections here.

I'm determined to find a colorful, fix for my semi-chocolate walls so I'll keep you posted on my finds and of course post the final results of my crafty project. In the meantime, feel free to share any "wall dressing" ideas you have or other resources for temporary wall paper. If you've tried temporary wall paper and loved it or hated it please feel free to share your experience.


INSPIRE: Weekend Inspiration from Will Smith

 "The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can't are both right."
I watched this clip of Will Smith discussing his work ethic, positive energy, defeating fear and success. It really spoke to me and reinforced many of the concepts and ideas I believe are sometimes the difference between those who achieve and excel and those who don't.

One of the "keys" to success or beliefs Smith subscribes to is the belief that he CAN do anything. In my home, as a child the word "can't" was not allowed to be used, especially in front of my father. He believed that there was no room for this word and that the minute it was spoken doors would be closed and opportunities would be missed. Of course, when I was 11 none of this made sense and I just counted it as another one of my father's annoying and over restrictive rules.

As an adult looking back and having the knowledge of an adult woman I see that my father was planting seeds of success in his children. My siblings I are all college graduates, with varying higher degrees. We all are on a quest for success in our respective crafts whether that be photography or law.

More after the Jump...


EATs: Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar

Last night I business partner and I got together at Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar. The "meetup" was of dual purposes. First, a meeting of the minds to touch base, brainstorm and offer continued encouragement on our respective individual projects as well a consultation with a potential (now landed) client for Melange Concepts, our event planning company.

When Nae and I meet up we always try to choose new places as a venue scouting method. Ayza was a new and pleasant experience for us both. Located on 31st between Broadway and 5th Avenue, Ayza is a French inspired wine bar boasting over 90 selections of wines and champagnes. The ambiance here is elegant but the decor is modern and casual-the interior was designed by architect, Richard Bloch of the prestigious, Le Bernardin fame (a little tidbit for the design enthusiasts out there) Ayza is small, but cozy, sexy and romantic, if you're in the market for a "date spot."  There is heated/covered seating outdoors if you want to brave the low temps for a "side of people watching" while you sip.

The menu hosts a variety of surprisingly tasty tapas style appetizers, soups, salads and entrees which I'm sure pair well with wine. I had the sauteed garlic shrimp which was served on a bed of finely chopped pineapple a an order of hummus and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Unfortunately, I was so enthralled I completely neglected to take pictures of my meal.

Check out the Ayza Facebook page for Fall deals and promotions. Currently, being promoted is an offer for  FREE Glass of  Wine when you "Like."  There's nothing like a good glass of "liquid relaxation" after a long day!



TurnKey Design by Tui Lifestyle

Interior designer to stars like Shakira and Francis Ford Coppola, interior designer, Tui Pranich has recently launched Tui Lifestyle. A "turnkey" style design company. Clients can choose from a variety of design packages that suit your style: Lux, Elegant, Sophisticated, Glamorous, Innovative, or a Custome package. You can  have your diggs completely upgraded in just 72 hours. Packages include everything from furniture and electronics to linens and hangers, and start around $10,000. Tui Lifestyle is the design solution for the "design deficient!"


COMING SOON! Behind the Scenes w/ Shoe Designer Zack Lo

Zack Lo, designer behind the eponymous shoe line, will be chatting with Whatlookslikecrazy.com this month! Want to know where he gets inspiration? Curious about the shoe business? Email your questions to wllc.hello@gmail.com and they may appear and be answered in the upcoming interview!


{STYL'D} Behind the Brand: The Ladies of Lionette Designs by Noa Sade

Earlier this week I mentioned that I made a "spur of the moment" jewelry purchase from Lionette designs by Noa Sade. I really like this collection so I'm excited to be able to offer WLLC readers the "behind the brand" scoop!

I first became familiar with Lionette last month. I met Vanessa at the Professional Girls Night Out event. Her fervent passion for her company and product was one of the things I remember most about the encounter-that and the 4 sales (mine included) she made that night!

Lionette designs by Noa Sade is bold, exotic and enchanting, not unlike the two exceptional women at the helm of this flourishing brand. Vanessa Lee, who deals with Sales and Marketing, and Noa Sade, who handles Design/Product Development and Branding, were gracious enough to allow me to interview them about the success they've achieved since launching their brand in 2009, their partnership and the inspiration for the upcoming collection.

                                                                       Vanessa Lee

Noa Sade

Check-in with the ladies of Lionette designs by Noa Sade and get details on the special WLLC discount! After the BREAK...



Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend! Here in the NYC area temps dipped to a chilling 40 degrees in the evenings, and from what I've experienced living in the Northeast, the cooler the temperatures, the more people want to shop!

I spent most of my weekend indoors-drafting, reading and designing. Despite the huge sacrifice and damper grad school has put on my social calendar I really am excited about the opportunities these new skill will bring. A friend of mine has already asked me to do the layout and floor plan for the new bathroom she plans to install. I thought I'd share a few pictures of projects I'm working on since design is a really large part of my life and something I'm very passionate about. Feel free to comment or ask questions!

Besides the epic homework session, I managed to sneak out for dinner at Sky Thai in Jersey City and do a little shopping at Nordstrom Rack and the Bloomingdales outlet in Paramus, NJ.


Floor Plans for the cooking school I'm designing from a space that was once a furniture showroom:


Sky Thai in Jersey City has excellent Thai Food and they're located in the Paulus Hook area near the Hudson River so you can walk and view the skyline when the weather is nice. They're Thai Tea is one of their notable menu items. I had Drunken Noodles with Mok Duck or Seitan (vegan pretein) which I'd never eaten at restaurant before. Let's just say if I could have Seitan prepared like that all the time I could easily transition into Vegetarianism! In addition to the food, the space is well appointed with Asian inspired decor and a modern lounge feel.

Price: Affordable ($$) about $25/person 

A few Fall Tops from Nordstrom Rack and Loehmann's.


{STYL'D}: A "Wild" New Accessory Delivered To My Doorstep

Don't you love it when you get a package from UPS or FedEX? Even if you already know what it is, the rush of adrenaline I get when I'm tearing into a box shipped especially for me is definitely one of my favorite things! That's me. One of my favorite things is receiving surprise mail. Wait, let me clarify.
I really enjoy getting surprise "fun mail" from people I know or places I've shopped, not surprise bill mail or "hate mail" as my Dad calls it!

This week I received my latest purchase. A custom made "Madonna" necklace by Lionette NY in green. Created and designed by Noa Sade, it's beautiful and simple, yet striking.  I love that it's adjustable and can be worn in different ways, so I feel like I'm getting 2 necklaces in 1.
Of course, I consider this a "wardrobe investment," though my accountant would strongly disagree. I've heard and honestly believe best way to update your wardrobe, when you're trying not to blow your budget is with accessories and pops of color, and, jewelry is an accessory, right!?  I think that this chic, bauble will add a little polish to my Fall/Winter looks! What do you think?

The motto for the brand is "woman untamed." I always feel "fully dressed" when I'm wearing heels! I can't lie, I've definitely succumb to wearing flats more these days. I haven't been able to resist all those cool, cute and might I add comfy boots and ballet flats, but I have to say that when I really want that "WOW factor" I break out those heels! It's kind of amazing what a few inches can do. I walk taller. I feel more polished and confident, and super sexy. Now if designers could figure out how to make heels more comfortable without loosing the elements of style-we'd all have the best of both worlds, right? :)

  • What brands or items do you own that make you feel more daring, or "untamed" when you wear them?
  • Do you feel more confident in animal prints, walk taller in red? 
  • Never leave home without those heels because they make you feel more regal and statuesque?
I'd love to hear from you!
Remember to stay tuned for the upcoming Profile with the lovely ladies of Lionette NY here on WLLC!


{STYL'D}: DIY Fabric Statement Necklace

This week I went a little "cray-cray" with a DIY project and made this funky, chic fabric necklace.
Inspired by Erica Domeseck, over at Psimadethis.com, and a colorful, African print dress I purchased at a flea market, I fashioned this inventive new neck piece! Do you like??

Want to create your own Statement Necklaces? Get the "How To" details after the Jump!

Style Your Home With One Click

Looking for a chic bed to spice up your bedroom? Want to see the latest in foil wall paper offerings? Thinking about doing a DIY overhaul on limited funds? Look no further than Mydeco.com!

Start your search MyDeco.com! I recently saw this site in a DailyCandy.com write up and was amazed at all the design and decoration information. Mydeco.com compiles furniture, accessories, houseware bedding and more  from thousands of sites, like Target.com and Dwell.com, and presents these stylish finds in one convenient location!

  • Shop for decor products in various styles and price points
  • Get access to Creative Tools: 3D Room Design, Moodboards, or do a 3D Design of your room
  • Find out about trends, DIY tips, and decorating news on the MyDeco.com Blog
  • Find Inspiration for creating your "dream space"


PSA-Election Day

Happy Election Day!

  • Unsatisfied with the allocation of school funds? Then VOTE.
  • Want to see more change in Local and State Governments? Then VOTE.
  • Don't like what's happening with your tax dollars? Then VOTE.

Change in government starts on the local level. Every election counts. Earn your right to complain. 
Get Out and VOTE!


When to Clean-A Few Tips For A Better Clean

According to Health Magazine there should definitlely be a "method to the madness" for Neat*Freaks obsessed with dirt and grime. As a fellow "freak," I was a little taken back by the tips that I was not familiar with as part of my "Clean Routine." Not to worry, because within minutes I was making mental notes on and computing new strategies on how to use this new Intel in the never ending campaign to rid my home (car, workplace, etc) of germs!

I'll share these tips and some of the "germ-iest" things/places in your home after the break!


Weekend in Pictures - Baltimore Inner Harbor

To celebrate of my "xxth" birthday this month, take a break from the rigorous demands of course work and retreat from the stress of my 9-5 I was gifted with a road trip to Baltimore's Inner Harbor. The harbor area is one of the regentrified and safer areas of Baltimore. Geared at tourist, sports fans and young professionals the area offers a variety of activities and restaurants that echo the fresh, new spirit of a city that has seen it's share of rough times. 

The highlights of the trip: Rachael's Dowry, and the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Baltimore Museum of Art. Check out the pics after the jump...


I had the immense pleasure of staying at Rachael's Dowry. A fully restored,Victorian style, Bed and Breakfast, located near Baltimore's inner harbor. It's just off the beaten path and somewhat lesser known than area mega, brand corporate hotels which only adds to it's sweet, romantic charm.


At A Food Truck Near You

Free Samples from the Popular Malaysia Kitchen Food Truck thru November 19th in NYC!
Click on the link below for info and locations:

"I am the Master of my Fate. I am the Captain of my Soul." -William Ernest Henley

Whether it’s going back to school, write a novel or start that business you’ve always dreamed of owning, we all have dreams and goals that we’ve set aside or that have become seemingly unattainable due to life’s circumstances. We let fear halt our progress. We buy into the negative seeds that are sown into our hearts by others, take root and grow, choking our confidence and suffocating our drive.

I remember wanting desperately to pursue a career in Fashion Design and painting when I was younger, but by the time I was set to enter college and really pursue those these fields I’d let discouraging questions and comments about my ability to make a substantial living deter, and ultimately detour my path.  Notice I used the word “detour.” I’ve since decided that my destiny and ultimately my happiness is very much connected to my ability to express myself in creative ways. So nearly 20 years later I’m back in school pursuing a Master’s degree in Design, and opening myself to new and exciting opportunities in other creative arenas, i.e decorating, crafting, etc.

I credit this “second chance” to my faith and tenacity, but also to the time I took to do a lot of evaluation, reflection and analysis.

  • Evaluation-taking stock of where you are in your life. Who you are? What you’ve achieved.  Where you are headed and what you want to become.

  • Reflection-What experiences were positive or negative? What have you overcome? Are you proud of yourself? Do you feel that you are living your purpose and using your gifts and talents to the best of your ability? Are you happy with your life today?

  • Analysis- What’s your life going to be? Who do you want to be in 5, 10, 20 years? Is the path that you’re on one that will lead you to where you want to be? Are you doing what’s necessary now to prepare you for the road ahead-are you laying the ground work now for what is to come?

Reality Check: Even if you’re only 25 time isn’t waiting for you.  The clock won’t stop while you defer your dreams. Try to do something each day that moves you closer to your goal. A small step is still a step. It’s never too late to start but the reality is that youth has it’s benefits. You’ll probably have more energy and resilience and less life complications at 35 than you might at 65.

Confront Your Fears: The naysayers, the haters, the doubts, the insecure feelings, the fears, it’s time to face all of them. Depending on your situation these may be actual people in your life or voices that have taken up residence in your head, not matter the make-up it’s necessary to come to terms with these messages and move forward in spite of them, because the reality is they will pop-up every once in a while. Feelings of fear and self doubt can affect anyone the key is not allowing these feelings and messages to have the ultimate power that is paralyzing your growth.

It’s Ok Not to Share: As you are working things through and hashing out your strategy you may feel compelled by excitement to share your new found direction with the world. It’s important to understand that not everyone will share your excitement. Everyone may not have your vision and have the ability to understand what it is you are trying to build in your life, which is not to say that this comes from a negative place or from a lack of love, but there will be people in your life with whom you share your ideas and aspirations and they just flat out don’t get it. That’s ok. It will be up to you to determine if you have the strength and confidence in your plan to brush that off. It’s ok to be selective in sharing your news, it’s also ok not to share until you feel confident enough to brush off any negativity, you may be hit with.

Take Action: Remember, a small step is still a step. If you’ve already figured out what is it you want to do or accomplish, as a result of time taken for reflection, evaluation and analysis, then it’s time to begin the work. So maybe you can’t afford to take the classes you really want to take, are there any Blogs or “How-To” videos that might offer you information in the meantime? You want to start that business but don’t qualify for loans and don’t have the savings to finance it yourself. Have you started writing your business plan and done the market research? Think about the small things can you do each day or a few times a week that will help chip away at the larger picture or your overall goal.


Profile of a "Superwoman:" Interview with Christy Rak-Samson

Determination, faith, dedication, the love and support of family and friends, are just a few of key ingredients required success mix according to this Community Activist/Teacher and former Mrs. New Jersey, turned Entrepreneur. Christy Rak-Samson talks dance, career, and her obsession with Mixed Martial Arts with WLLC! Read More after the Jump!


Give Your Skin A Boost: 3 Tips to Help It Glow

Can you feel it in the air? The winds are a little stronger and temperatures are a bit lower. The elements can be harmful to delicate skin.

Just think about it, no matter how harsh or mild the weather your skin is out there covering you with protection. So how about a little reciprocity?

Tips for to Clarify, Plump & Nourish after the break...


Girls And Their Curls

Click Title for Video:

Like many of have seen this cute Sesame Street clip on Youtube I was really touched and drawn to the message of self-love and acceptance. Our society puts so much pressure on women to be conform to a single standard of beauty and unfortunately for many of us, that standard is not only too high it's impossibly unattainable. As I watched this video I wondered how many doubts and struggles with self-esteem I might have avoided if I had been bombarded with more messages like this as a child.

Check out the video and read more commentary after the jump...

Home Shopping-A Night Out With BROCADE Home

If you're a fan of BROCADE Home Goods  and you're in the NYC area, you'll want to check to be "in the house" this Thursday night! Log onto http://www.brocadehome.com for deets.


Taking All of My Energy

I work full-time by day, study for a graduate degree in Interior Design by night, building a event planning business on the weekends,  and try to maintain some semblance of a normal, active, healthy life as a daughter, sister, friend and girlfriend, all at the same time. Who has time for sleep with a task list like that? I’ve I have found that my once solid and consistent bond with sleep has become undone. I used to require 8 hours of sleep. I’ve learned to adapt, function and even be pleasant on less. My concern is for my health. It is during sleep that the body restores and rejuvenates all that is lost to the stresses of the day. Rest or lack there of can boost or destroy the immune system, and weak immune system makes for a “very sick, inactive, underpaid, all around cranky” me.

So when fellow blogger, Nik, from TheMopTopMaven.com (blog=inspirational) told me that Flaxseed, namely Flaxseed Smoothies, were her “secret weapon” for keeping her energy high with her hectic schedule, I was intrigued.  I did a little research, which echoed the earlier claims and indicated additional health benefits, and hit the nearest Whole Foods to make a purchase.


Product Review: Vegetarian's Delight

Wheat Meat, Mock Duck, Gluten Meat, you may have seen these names in the vegetarian section of restaurant menus or heard these names mentioned by Vegan/Vegetarian friends when referring to meat substitutes. Ever wonder what it actually is? The answer is Seitan!

Seitan, is a food made from wheat gluten, hence the name "wheat meat."It has become a very popular non-Soy, meat substitute, and alternative to Tofu. It is basically wheat flour dough that has been relieved of it's starch content. In restaurants it is often used in Asian cuisine.

I first became familiar with the product through my friend and fellow blogger, Naeemah.


Snore No More: Product Review-Silent Snooz

Research shows that as many as 50% of people snore habitually or at some point in their lives. The tendency to snore presents more often in men than in women. The causes are linked to things like stress, allergies, poor diet, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, and serious conditions like sleep apnea, but if you're living with someone who snores you probably already know this, and the only real question you might have is "How can I make it stop?!"

So here's the skinny. My boyfriend snores and I am, unfortunately, an incredibly light sleeper who was fast becoming a very cranky partner. I tried every solution I'd hear of: "rollover nudges," removing, and hiding the pillows, those nasal strips, I even began wearing ear plugs to bed. Nothing seemed to work and it was beginning to cause irritation in other areas of the relationship. Not wanting to end up like one of those couples you hear about who live under one roof but in separate rooms. I set off on a search to for ways to manage the situation.

Professional Girls Night Out

Vanessa of owner of jewelry line Lionette and Christie trying on a few Lionette pieces.

Last night I attended the inaugural "Professional Girls Night Out" event. Organized by my friend Julia Kreibich, of Shoebizness.com, the event was designed to connect professional women from various industries for the purposes of networking, business opportunities, mentoring, and of course fun!

The event took place at Whiskey Park, on 6th Avenue and 59th Street, The turnout was very positive, and I met some fascinating women I hope to partner with and introduce you to in the coming months! "Professional Girls Night Out" will  be held on the first Wednesday of each month and of course I'll keep you posted.

Julia and Bobby. Bobby stopped by to support!

Another fab Lionette piece!

Shoe designer, Adrienne and I strike a pose. Check out the Lionette hair piece I'm rocking! Luv!