A Sacred Space

I've been learning about the individual need for a special place, whether virtual, in the mind, or physical, where they feel safe, comfortable, and can be themselves. The word "sacred" is not necessarily indicative of a particular religious belief or following. It does mean that the space is of significance, is respected and important to those who deem it sacred and treat it as such. It’s a space or place that unifies your mind body and soul and renews your energy which is why it’s good to set not only be familiar with a place like this for yourself but to visit it often. Life is filled with constant stress and strain. We constantly grown and change and morph as we discover and fulfill our individual and collective purposes. Making a connection with your self and whatever higher power or energy you acknowledge in your life on a daily basis is not only powerful but strengthening.

Some examples might be a place in your home, a park or beach, a church, a place your mind goes during meditation, or even a yoga studio.

There’s a park near my home that I call “sacred.” It is located in the middle of a bustling city but upon entering all of the stress and craziness of the outside world melts away. I go here from time to time to clear my head and commune with nature and to feel Love. I would also have to say that my parent’s house in southwest Jersey offers me a similar retreat. It’s located in what I call “farm country.” The town they live in is off the beaten path, the nearest supermarket is about 25 minutes away, and when I’m in that space, not just the physical house but the town and the area, I feel at peace and more myself.

Oddly enough this lesson is being reinforced in a Sacred Geometry class I'm taking. We are reading an incredible book about the relationship between numbers and the arts and nature and ancient philosophy. It’s really an incredible course. So I thought I'd pose the question: Where is your sacred space? What is so special about it? How does time in this place change how you view the world and yourself?

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