Office Supplies as Decoration

Inspired by a BizBash article on David Stark's installation at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum in which 3M tape and sticky notes were used throughout the event in really innovated and unexpected ways, i.e...

Dress from tape and hanging piece is sticky notes on string to create the look of rain

Rolls of tape used as seating cards for guest tables->Genius!

 I did a little digging to find other ways average office supplies can be come extra ordinary home decor. See what I found after the jump

Post-it Christmas Tree

Post-it wall covering via Apartmenttherapy.com

via HirondelleRustique

Duct Tape covered cardboard boxes, upcycling idea if you've got lots of boxes

Vintage ruler wall hanging via designsponge.com

Vintage rulers as a lampshade via roostliving.com


Vanesa said...

So inspiring!
I like the dress so much

The-Bel (Fashion Blog, Online Shop)

Nik said...

@Vanesa Thanks, lady! I get all kinds of interesting ideas when I see Gaffers tape now. David Stark totally rocks.