What "Luxe Grunge" Looks Like

"Luxe Grunge." Sounds a bit like an oxymoron, right? That was my reaction too. Anyone who is familiar with the epic fashion movement made popular in the 90's by the likes of musicians, like Kurt Cobain and celebs like Johnny Depp, Kate Moss, knows that the look was, at the time, the epitome of frugality and distress.

Grunge was far more than a fashion trend. It was a rugged lifestyle adopted by the angst ridden, youth sub-culture, often  associated with: beanies, "thrift shop chic", alternative rock music, skateboarding (love a skaterboi), the term "Gen X," and what appeared to be an aversion to soap and shampoo.

It was one of the most significant trickle up fashion movements since the 80's Punk statement. This style revolution was the catalyst for my interest in thrifting (for clothes I'd actually wear in public), upcycling: crafting clothes and jewelry out of sweaters and building materials (ask anyone from my high school class- I was the resident weirdo), layering (my secret weapon for creating a near season-less wardrobe),  and all things Nirvana, Green Day and Smashing Pumpkins. I hope I'm not dating myself here. No matter, "Age ain't nothing but a number."  Thankfully, my encounter with this lifestyle planted the seed for a lifetime of exploration of, and an affinity for "the other," the counter to mainstream, the alternative.

Quick Recap:

The good news is the look, or key elements of it, are again becoming significant in mainstream fashion and design (yay!). Of course, as with any resurgence, it has been re-branded with a fresh moniker for mass consumption (also a great marketing tool to attract the newbies, who will no doubt assume Grunge 2.0 is a new trend). Grunge isn't dead but it has grown up. Check out the photos below for inspiration on ways to bring this hi/low look into your space. Do you think this is a look you could incorporate or is it best left in the world of fashion? Already, doing it? Show a pic of your "Luxe Grunge" inspired look/space!

Elements of Luxe Grunge
  • 90's Grunge inspired
  • volume
  • painted silks
  • layered metallics
  • vintage and boho chic infusions
  • dusty, distressed or matted fabrics
  • floral and graphic prints
  • Colors: grey

This is a theme that can be easily translated from fashion into the home with:
  • metallic paints on walls and accent furniture pieces
  • layered textiles in window and floor coverings
  • vintage artifacts and antique accessories
  • upcycled, antique and industrial furnishings
  • distressed, patterned, and metallic upholstery
  • unexpected texture and color mash-ups in one space

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