Ed's Salvage Co.

Last weekend I had a chance to visit (and shop) at Ed's Salvage Co., in Jersey City, NJ. A quaint, shop nestled in a multi-level, brown stone style house, in the McGinley Square section. ESC's offers a curated inventory of unique, vintage and salvage goods. Salvage artifacts and antiques from estate sales, and homes that have been remolded or demolished making this shop a bit atypical as vintage shops go.

I chatted the eponymous owner, (while I eagerly and simultaneously explored/shopped) Ed, about the store, his inventory of Victrolas, and the future of the ESC brand.

Here's the skinny:

1. About Ed: He's warm and uber friendly. Born and bred in Jersey City he's connected to the surrounding community, which probably explains his ability to get his hands on some of the phenomenal items he sells. Ed runs the store using the formula of  "people and community getting connected" as part of his business strategy and judging by his network and the success of the store, I'd say it's working!

2. "Ed's Exchange": As part of that formula ESC will launch Ed's Exchange in the near future,  to promote and sell the work and goods made by local artists and artisans. This is an admirable outreach method as getting noticed can be tough for up and coming creatives.

3. "Turn on the old Victrola!" During my visit there were at least 4 of them on hand. These coveted, antique music makers are totally refurbished, (thanks to Ed's connects) to play vinyl and old school records (Record connoisseurs call them by numbers like 78's or 50's or something. Clearly I'm no connoisseur.). I actually fell in love with the yellow one pictured below. I have a bunch records and nothing to play them on, (yes, the quandary here is obvious- not sure why I've never addressed it before) so between the novelty, the color and the fact that it plays records AND the radio (bonus) I'm seriously considering the $300 price tag. No, seriously.

4. Consider Consignment: ESC is also a consignment shop, which means if you've got apparel or valuable pieces that you are looking to unload and want to make a few dollars off of, you may want to talk to Ed. It also means that his inventory is not strictly vintage, especially where apparel is concerned, which is also good because unfortunately, vintage is not for everyone.

5. ESC Events: So, in addition to the boutique Ed's Salvage Co. hosts parties and events throughout the year (Ed is serious about connecting with community and making his business fun, ok?). Most recently the space was opened for a Halloween Masquerade party. Check out the ESC Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on future events.

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