Get Free (or die trying)!

No, this is not a post about 50 Cent (As if!). Those words were inspired by freedom fighter Harriet Tubman, a warrior queen and an example to me of what it really means to follow your passion. I was reminded of her courage during a key not speech at a NAACP event recently. The speaker was talking about the work and change that is needed in the African American community, but when he spoke about Ms. Tubman I was reminded of her fighting spirit, her commitment to freedom and the passion and fervor with which she pursued it.

I believe that inspiration is everywhere. Hearing about Ms.Tubman reminded me of my own struggles trying to start a brand and find work in creative design fields that are highly competitive, and while my struggles pale in comparison to the hurdles she surmounted, I was inspired and encouraged to stay committed to my desire to start my own interior design company. I was energized by the words "Get free or die trying," because for me they spoke to my desire to be free in my work, and in my life. I think that the truest self is honored and displayed when we are free to be who we really are and do the things that we love and feel passionate about.

Quiet as kept, I'm about to Get Free or spend the rest of my life trying to get there. Either way, there's no turning back! In celebration of this "inner revolution" here are some photos I took last week that offered me some inspiration for projects I'm currently working on. Enjoy!

Fabric and Beading from the Masai People of Kenya and Tanzania

Store Windows of Anthropologie near Rockafeller Plaza in NYC

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