UPDATE: Desk Search-The Solution DIY Style

A few weeks ago I posted a blog piece about my search to find a new desk for my small space living room of my one bedroom apartment. I wanted something with generous table top space with out taking up too much real estate in the living room.

Here's what I came up with:

I'm really happy with this desk. It brings a masculine, industrial feel into the room. It provides ample workspace without look very "heavy" within the small space. For those who may wonder why I passed on a Glass top-I do projects, sketches and diy craft projects that could damage and scratch glass. I plan to but up the cork board and get a mini set of drawers for under storage.

  • 2 Saw Horses - these will be the legs of desk, I purchased a pk of 2 by Task Force at Lowe's for $29.94
  • 1- 30" Interior Hollow Core Door ( I had a store employee trim this down to the specs needed for my space- 30" x 56") $23.00
 The cost for the desk is less than $60!

Set up was easy.  I just opened out the saw horse legs and placed the a few feet apart from each other. Gently, place the door on top of the saw horses, making sure saw horse legs are at least 5 inches in from the outer edge of the desk top. That's it. It's done! Just place your office items on top or begin your project!

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