Check Your Shoes @ The Door


Do you remove your shoes when you enter your home? Do you get the "side eye" glances, frowns, and moans when arriving guests find out they must part from what is sometimes the often the highlight of their ensemble before even making an entrance?

I am a big advocate for shoe removal in my home and while I know it can be a hassles, but it's the little things that can bring lots of comfort in a home! Living in the city my daily adventures take me above and below ground. I walk through and around things that makes my skin crawl! While I know that there is dirt everywhere and you can never truly live dirt free, (outside of a bubble anyway) I take solace in knowing I am doing what I can to lessen the contaminants and pollutants in my abode.

Did you know that in Japan shoes are left outdoors as a symbol of the conscious desire to leave the outside world outside? I love NYC but I definitely wouldn't walk the streets barefoot. For me this is the equivalent of wearing shoes indoors. 

Aside from the benefit of added cleanliness (wearing shoes indoors can track dust, dirt, mold, feces and more throughout your home) removing shoes has added benefits:

  • Socks, bare feet, and "house shoes" or indoor only slippers help to lessen the wear and tear on hardwood floors and keep rugs cleaner
  •  If there are small children in the home who like to play and roll around the floor, removing shoes can keep your home healthier
  • For those that enjoy bare feet at home clean floors are definitely a bonus
  •  Floors may have to be cleaned less frequently

Invest in some extra socks and slippers for house guests.
These are from NJUTA slippers can be purchased at Ikea for $2.49
 Hanes Men's Socks will fit most and won't break the bank. 10 pairs-$10.00. Available at Walmart, Target, or Kmart.

And if you're like me and thinking "How will I keep all of these shoes from cluttering the front door?" Check out these entry way "shoe keepers." These are from Target.

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