{STYL'D}: DIY Fabric Statement Necklace

This week I went a little "cray-cray" with a DIY project and made this funky, chic fabric necklace.
Inspired by Erica Domeseck, over at Psimadethis.com, and a colorful, African print dress I purchased at a flea market, I fashioned this inventive new neck piece! Do you like??

Want to create your own Statement Necklaces? Get the "How To" details after the Jump!

I added my own twist to Domeseck's version of the Statement Necklace by adding in some beads and a pendant. I wanted to add some weight and a little shine, and play up the ethnic vibe of the fabric. I love the way all the colors work together. I also added in metal clasps on each end so the necklace would be more secure and I think it also adds polish and a bit of my personality to the piece. I purchased the clasps and end clips at the bead store along with the beads and pendant. This necklace will definitely make a "statement" when worn with a cute t-shirt or blouse.

I thought this would make a cute gift for one of my closest friends. I really hope she likes it! I think handmade/homemade items when made with love and care from the heart are really special. They can let the receiver know how much you mean to them in a different more personal way.

To think in these crazy times with the hectic schedules we all have that someone would take the time to make something for me makes me feel so special and loved, but I know crafting and receiving hand crafted gifts isn't for everyone.  What do you think about "homemade gifts?" Do you prefer to give and receive store bought items? Does it even matter when you're the receiver?

Create Your Own Statement Necklace

You'll Need:
  • Scissors
  • Fabric strips (can be mixed patterns and fabrics) or remnants
  • Ribbon
  • Beads, buttons, or other items for embellishements

After you've laid out all your supplies you'll want to start to cut or refine the strips of fabric. I used triangle and rectangular shapes, but you can use the shapes you prefer.  Don't worry about being to neat when cutting, the rough scissor cut edges will add to the personality and texture of your piece. Bend each piece of fabric and use the scissor to snip a small whole for the ribbon. String all the fabric pieces onto the ribbon alternating fabric colors, and textures and mixing in the embellishment pieces that you've chosen. Once you're done you can finish the piece with claps or wear it as is and secure it with a bow!

Check out the "How To" video from Erica Domeseck here: 

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