When to Clean-A Few Tips For A Better Clean

According to Health Magazine there should definitlely be a "method to the madness" for Neat*Freaks obsessed with dirt and grime. As a fellow "freak," I was a little taken back by the tips that I was not familiar with as part of my "Clean Routine." Not to worry, because within minutes I was making mental notes on and computing new strategies on how to use this new Intel in the never ending campaign to rid my home (car, workplace, etc) of germs!

I'll share these tips and some of the "germ-iest" things/places in your home after the break!

 Top 6 "Germ-iest" Things/Places We Come In Contact With Daily:
  • The Remote Control- Remember the last time you were sick or had friends over or came right in from outside to channel surf? Yea, if you haven't wiped down your remote lately, it's time! Cleaning your remote every few days is good for you and it kills germs.
  • The Kitchen Sink - With all the wear and tear on most kitchen sinks they are virtual petri dishes for germs and bacteria like E coli and Salmonella. Be sure to disinfect the sink and it's components every few days.
  • Door Knobs- This is one of the most overlooked but most heavily used items in the home when it comes to cleaning. Door knobs are touched by nearly everyone in your home or space, so sick or well, washed or unwashed (yuck!) those babies see a lot of action. Try using disinfecting wipes a few times a week.
  • The Mobile Device- I was given one of those promotional cell phone cleaning kits a few years ago and let's just say if you haven't cleaned your mobile device lately it's a good idea to start. Your wireless device goes everywhere with you and is often tossed or dropped on unclean surfaces, like the ground and then, here's the kicker, the device is placed near your face, not a formula for healthy skin. Cell phones carry 500 times more bacteria than a toilet seat according to Health Magazine.  A Q-tip and a 50/50 alcohol and water mix can be used to gently remove dirt and disinfect surfaces. Be sure the Q-tip is moistened and not soaked so as not to harm the device or try using those handy disinfecting wipes for a squeaky clean!
  • Wood Floors- Everything your shoes touch during the day is tracked into your home and onto your floors if you wear shoes in the home. Try enforcing a "No Shoe" Policy in your home. To clean wood floors I use the Swiffer Antibacterial mix with a Swiffer mop, but if you don't want to invest in a new cleaning product Mary Findley, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Green Cleaning suggests a spritz. Mix 2 tablespoons of distilled white vinegar with a quart of hot water and place in spray or "spritz" bottle (the key to warp floor prevention is the using the spray bottle to ensure the floor is not soaked, but damp).
  •  The Handbag- I've read the articles discussing how handbags are super germy because women toss them on bathroom floors and on the ground etc., but since I'm a stickler for the old school addage about a women's bag never touching the floor (let alone a bathroom floor-Egads!), I figured I was good. Not so much. Here's the skinny, basically anything your hands touch helps to spread germs. There's no getting around that. In the case of handbags, ladies, the inside can be the super gross. Loose money (paper money is uber dirty, so keep in in your wallet), snacks, make-up, etc, can all have, and transfer germs that can thrive in dark places, like your handbag. So empty your bag out from time to time (Fact: Sometimes I find random crumbs in the bottom of my bag. I guess it's symptom of being a foodie), clean the outside with leather cleaner, keep that dirty money in a wallet, and keep snacks, and lotions in sealed plastic bags, to keep your handbag germ and clutter free. 

A Better Plan for a Better Clean (from Health Magazine)
  1. Swap out bath and wash towels every 2-3 days. Wash towels in Hot water.
  2. Wash sheets once a week in hot water and dry on the hottest setting. Wash your pillow every 6 months  and comforter every few months.
  3. Rinse your tooth brush in very hot water after each use.
  4. Replace cleaning sponges every month.

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