CREATE: If These Walls Could Talk

Wall paper. It's unique, vintage, contemporary, elegant, dramatic, whimsical, and I love it! It's one of my favorite decor elements!

Check out these styles from FlavorPaper.com:

Wall paper has come a long way since busy, bland and boring, fruit and flower patterns. There are even removable options for renters or people like myself, who are not ready to commit or are unwilling to succumb to the time consuming process of installation and removal of said "pretty papers."

I've been on the hunt for removal wall paper for my living room, which is in desperate need of  a boost. I came across Tempaper.com during my last cyber-stalking, I mean cyber-shopping session. They have colorful, retro prints and patterns that, according to the website, won't ruin your walls or paint. The prices weren't too bad either, and that's very important because wall paper can get pricey. I've seen rolls with prices $200, and unless you live in a shoe box or maybe a New York City studio, 1 roll won't get you too far.

I requested samples from Tempaper.com last Friday and received my packet today. I was hoping to get a variety of their patterns and colors because I wanted to see them all in person and on my wall, unbeknownst to me they only send you 1 sample per $4 order. So I'll have to work on sampling the other patterns later.

Sherwin Williams also offers temporary options. They have a variety of amazing patterns that I love but I've heard some buzz on blogs that makes me the "take down" may not be as "effortless" as the website claims. Take a look at the Easy Change collections here.

I'm determined to find a colorful, fix for my semi-chocolate walls so I'll keep you posted on my finds and of course post the final results of my crafty project. In the meantime, feel free to share any "wall dressing" ideas you have or other resources for temporary wall paper. If you've tried temporary wall paper and loved it or hated it please feel free to share your experience.

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