{STYL'D}: A "Wild" New Accessory Delivered To My Doorstep

Don't you love it when you get a package from UPS or FedEX? Even if you already know what it is, the rush of adrenaline I get when I'm tearing into a box shipped especially for me is definitely one of my favorite things! That's me. One of my favorite things is receiving surprise mail. Wait, let me clarify.
I really enjoy getting surprise "fun mail" from people I know or places I've shopped, not surprise bill mail or "hate mail" as my Dad calls it!

This week I received my latest purchase. A custom made "Madonna" necklace by Lionette NY in green. Created and designed by Noa Sade, it's beautiful and simple, yet striking.  I love that it's adjustable and can be worn in different ways, so I feel like I'm getting 2 necklaces in 1.
Of course, I consider this a "wardrobe investment," though my accountant would strongly disagree. I've heard and honestly believe best way to update your wardrobe, when you're trying not to blow your budget is with accessories and pops of color, and, jewelry is an accessory, right!?  I think that this chic, bauble will add a little polish to my Fall/Winter looks! What do you think?

The motto for the brand is "woman untamed." I always feel "fully dressed" when I'm wearing heels! I can't lie, I've definitely succumb to wearing flats more these days. I haven't been able to resist all those cool, cute and might I add comfy boots and ballet flats, but I have to say that when I really want that "WOW factor" I break out those heels! It's kind of amazing what a few inches can do. I walk taller. I feel more polished and confident, and super sexy. Now if designers could figure out how to make heels more comfortable without loosing the elements of style-we'd all have the best of both worlds, right? :)

  • What brands or items do you own that make you feel more daring, or "untamed" when you wear them?
  • Do you feel more confident in animal prints, walk taller in red? 
  • Never leave home without those heels because they make you feel more regal and statuesque?
I'd love to hear from you!
Remember to stay tuned for the upcoming Profile with the lovely ladies of Lionette NY here on WLLC!

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