Eat & Drink: Black Swan, Brooklyn, NYC

Last Saturday night was Girls Night! I crossed the Manhattan Bridge into the multi-cultural, mutli-ethnic, urban hang suite that is Brooklyn! Our intention was to hit First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Musuem but Jersey to Manhattan traffic thwarted those plans.

I did, however, get to sashay around town to a few different restaurants and hot spots. Most memorable was Black Swan on Bedford Avenue. This rustic bar & restaurant has a "speakeasy," pub vibe. The bar staff was very friendly and just right on the "pour," if you get my drift. The music was upbeat and moody without being loud and overbearing. The owner, who explained that he named the bar for a dream he had about a Black Swan, was very gracious and made his rounds to ensure the patrons were having a good time.

If you're in the area stop by. I didn't get a chance to sample the Eats but I hear that they do Brunch like no other. When you stop in be sure to ask for Jordan. He makes a mean Hot Toddy!

 I gave the Turban look a spin. My twist out was still wet. I'm kinda diggin' the look!

Black Swan
1048 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY