Make It Happen

This weekend I found myself watching one of  my favorite vintage movies. Working Girl is the story of Tess an entry-level secretary trying to work her way up the corporate ladder and bust through the glass ceiling. 
So I got to thinking that this 80's classic has a message that still rings true.


Here's the gist of Tess's situation:
  • Finds out her female boss who buddies up to her on the premise of a sisterhood and women and helping women steals her ideas for a client merger project
  • Finds out her Loser boyfriend is cheating on her
  • Decides to make her own success when her boss takes ill after a skiing accident.

Here are a few tips from the movie that I plan to apply:

1.Decide what you want.  Work your plan.
2. Start somewhere. You may not be the CEO but you can make solid contributions to an organizations from other levels too.
3. Find a mentor and network. "Today's junior tool might be tomorrow's CEO." (Preferably one who is not intimidated by you and waiting pull the rug out from under you.)
4. Be flexible enough to roll with the punches. Don't let the fears of others determine how you proceed. Sure the situation might be tough, even near unbearable, but your reacton is all you can control.
5. Stay positive and Stay focused.
6. Work your plan.

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