Get Grumpy

As co-owner of boutique event planning company, sans office space, my friend/partner and I are always on the look out for cool places to go that offer a semi-quiet atmosphere, and tasty, budget-friendly eats. A venue whose management doesn't mind when 40 minute drinks and appetizers, turn into a 3 hour "update" meeting, is surprisingly hard to find in a city known for it's multitude of restaurants and coffee shops.

For this week's  Brainstorm session we went to Cafe Grumpy. Don't let the name deceive you. This cozy coffee shop, located in the heart of Chelsea has a friendly, knowledgeable staff, and a warm welcoming atmosphere.  It's a great place for conversation, and people watching. There are only about 5 tables so it doesn't get very crowded. Speaking of crowded, you won't find people hanging out for half the day glued to their laptops at this cafe since laptops are not allowed at Cafe Grumpy.

It's not all about the coffee at Grumpy's. Tea enthusiast are welcome! I had a refreshing Lemon Ginger Tea, fresh brewed by order, on the rocks, and sweetened with a little corn syrup. Did you know that Ginger is great for treating colds, migraines, and inflammation? I digress.

Sweets are delivered daily from The Chocolate Room in Brooklyn. My partner swooned when she heard this and I have to admit the brownies were good. We had 3 between the 2 of us!
With locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, the only thing Grumpy about Cafe Grumpy maybe the customers who arrive without their daily dose of Joe! So if you're in need of a cup of joe or a spot of tea, or maybe just a quiet place for a chat, check out Cafe Grumpy.

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