The Best Desk Quest

I've been searching for a desk for the "would be" office area currently known as, the corner of my living room. What I have now is a horrible "mish-mosh" of pieces. The main one being birch wood IKEA desk I got by default when my boyfriend moved in. Check it out it's pretty bad. This is what I have now:

This is what I want but lack the budget for:

These two I think I could recreate on DIY budget if I got my own glass and did some searching for cool trestles for the base. I've been leaning towards this since it's budget friendly, DIY, and customizable:



Today I decided to check out Walmart.com, and found a sweet deal on a really, nice desk. It's produced by Mainstays, has a tempered glass top so it has a lightweight, "Z Gallerie" feel which is nice balance if you tend to have dark woods in your space. It's compact, for small spaces, with a sleek modern look and it's affordable at $49.00!  I can't speak for the quality but for price and aesthetics, this one is a winner!

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