I Love It When A Plan Comes Together..

I'm breathing a huge sigh of relief after turning in the last of my final projects for the semester last weekend (Get it!). Ahh, time for a little rest and relaxation you say? Nope. Not for this goal-crazy, design gal. You know what they say about failing to plan...  My list of To Do's for the Winter Break looks like this:

Nik's Winter Break To Do List
-Complete business plan for design business (hope to do a big reveal on the name soon!)
-Write Content for Website Start writing website content
-Paint and refinish a cabinet ($20 flea market find), a dresser, and a salvaged picture frame (stay tuned-should be post worthy)
-Get a little social and attend a few events where people actually mingle and interact (social networking is no substitute for human contact-let me tell you)
-Trademark new logo
-Create social media pages for new biz
-Update this blog

Last weekend I took some pics with my brand spankin' new Canon T3i Dslr (I'm giving you the excited, crazy, electronic sales guy face right now, because the journey to purchasing this thing was epic and I just love it)! These are pics that will be used within my website. Since my company will be focused on styling and decor and the transformation of spaces in homes, retail environments and event spaces, incredible website pictures are key. Nothing sells services relating to pretty things like pretty pictures, right? I was like the Paparazzi up in that piece! Check me out. You like??

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