INSPIRE: Earth Week 2011--> April 17-April 23

Today marks the beginning of Earth Week 2011! This week you may notice and hear about thousands of initiatives meant to draw attention to the environment- it's current state, future prognosis, and thins we can do today to protect it for generations to come. The week's events are will all culminate in the observation of  Earth Day on April 22nd.

This semester I am taking a Sustainable Design class in my pursuit of a MFA in Interior Architecture. I feel like I am a lot more informed about sustainability, the environment and the changes that are needed in order to continually sustain life on this planet than I ever have been. I am by no means an expert but I can thankfully say that today I am at least 'conscious' of the impact my existence could potentially have on this wonderful planet of ours. 

Eco Efficient Modular -affordable *12,000 USD), sustainable -Home Concept being considered for Housing in Ghana

I know for many of you words like 'environmentalist' and 'Earth Day' and 'Recycle' conjure up images of backpacking, granola-addicted, Birkenstock wearing, finger-pointers, and yea there are some of those in the mix. The truth is that many of the resources we are currently running through like crack addicts, i.e oil are limited. Our rampant consumerism will have a price-did you ever think about where your old laptops, cell phones, and Ipods go when you discard them (Until recently I was thinking 'the place where they recycle technology stuff'-yea, not so much)? The Answer:

I know, it's pretty gross, but with the population growing exponentially over the next 20-30 years and Consumerism showing no signs of slowing down (I've been trying to steer clear of stores in a collective observation of Lent, Earth Week, and my maxed out budget, but I digress) landfill sites like this will be seen more often.
Ok, enough of the doom and gloom. Each new day is another chance to change the future and that's were we come in! So in honor of Earth Week and Earth Day which is observed in over 192 countries across the globe I would like to share a little of what I've learned as well as some helpful resources regarding ways you can observe this week.



Cradle To Cradle by William McDonough & Michael Braungart
"manifesto for the transformation of human industry through ecologically intelligent design" according to www.McDonough.com 

This books examines our current manufacturing processes, waste and pollution dating back to the Industrial Revolution and challenges the widely believed concept that as humans we should conquer and not connect with and develop a relation with nature. 

I have enjoyed reading this book despite the fact that is required reading for my class. It doesn't come off as preachy The authors just present information and concepts with the hopes that things will click for the reader who might ask "Hey! If we have the ability and resources to do things differently without the destroying the planet, why aren't we?" One of the coolest things about the book itself is the book itself. The introduction 'This Book Is Not a Tree' reveals that the book is actually a prototype and is  not made of paper at all. No trees were harmed in it's production. It is actually made of synthetic paper, and it's waterproof-Bonus!

--> What are you doing for Earth Week 2011? If you are organizing or participating in any Events for Earth Week and would like to get the word out or share your experience regarding Earth Week, recycling, the environment, leave a comment below or email me!

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