MAD Props!

Designers, decorators and shoppers addicted to  home furnishings-Be warned! You might loose your mind the first time you visit Film Biz Prop shop. Located in an 11,000 sqft. (yea, I said it. 11,00 square feet of stuff!) warehouse in Long Island City, this prop house features handpicked items leftover from film, tv, and play sets across the nation. Available for rent or purchase these goods vary in price, so budgets be damned-shop on!

Black and White Photo $25.

Stainless Mesh Bar Stool $75.

 Asian Slate Table $145.

The other cool thing about Film Biz Prop shop is it’s a not for profit organization. They’re committed to ensuring proper disposal of unwanted materials in the film making industry. Normally most of the furniture, and other props are tossed in the dumpster after the completion of a project. Eventually the stuff ends up in a landfill, which causes a whole list of other problems for the environment including the release of toxic gases.

I generally don’t mind recycling gently used furnishing for my home (Not like beds or couches-bed bugs freak me out). It’s cheaper and really less wasteful (one girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure). You’d be surprised what a little soap, elbow grease and a coat of paint can do! Generally, I rely on Craigslist, antique stores, and garage sales,  but this place definitely makes the list of resources for future projects.

What do you think? Ever recycled ‘hand me down’ furnishings for your home? Where do you shop? What has been  your most treasured find?

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