WANT: Rihanna's Striped Blazer

I tried to avoid it. I didn’t want to like it, but after about the 50th time hearing Rihanna’s latest hit “What’s My Name,” Featuring Drake I was hooked. ( I know, I know. I'm super late, right?) I mean seriously obsessed. It's number 1 on the  'On the Go' playlist in my Ipod and must listen to it at least 5 times a day! What’s more, I  even loaded up the video on Youtube a few weeks ago. (Of course, I HAD to see it. I sensed that with the heavy Caribbean vibe in the music there was bound to be some fab wardrobing in the video!)

The video is cute. Rihanna rocks. More importantly I am living for that striped blazer, right now! As soon as I saw it I envisioned mixing and matching it with tanks, and denim, cute shorts. It’s such a strong statement piece. Now I don’t know if this new interest is a reflection of my own Caribbean roots or a manifestation of my love of stripes! It’s probably a bit of both!

Check out the Polyvore set below for information on brands, prices, and shopping locations so you that you might find a Striped Blazer of your very own.


Naeemah Ifé said...

That blazer makes Rihanna's red hair POP!!! She is gorgeous!

Nik said...

Yes she is beautiful and talented. I love the way she mashes up her Caribbean style in her music and clothing! That blazer...is whimsical and just the shot of crazy I need in my wardrobe! Thanks for your comments!

Derec said...

I have the jacket in a size medium for sale on Ebay at the minute.


Originally bought it for my Rihanna tribute act but need a different size :(

Nik said...

@Derec Wow! A tribute to Rihanna?! That's so cool. Maybe you can check out Polyvore.com for other places to find the jacket you need to finish off your look. Good luck!